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Leaders in Cyber Intelligence

Our cyber based intelligence capabilities protect organisations from risks around the clock.

    Join our customers in using the Zeno Labs ASI Platform

    Attack Surface Intelligence

    All of your organisations digital threats are monitored on our Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) Platform.

    Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI)

    Compromise Detection

    Ongoing asset monitoring for indicators of compromise

    Asset Monitoring

    Auto-asset discovery and vulnerability monitoring

    Dark Net Intelligence

    Automated and manual dark net threat monitoring and intelligence research

    Patch Management

    Monitoring and observation of cyber assets, versions and patch releases.

    Wireless Intelligence

    Via intelligence streams we detect and monitor wireless threats in realtime

    Leak Detection

    Data leak detection monitoring from your own assets.

    zenolabs intel ASI

    Full Scope Protection - All Threats

    Our most advanced and reliable protection against ransomware, malware, the latest threats, Wireless attack vectors, and more.

    Your Cyber Assets Are Protected

    Everything a real world threat actor can find, we will find it first using ongoing threat identification as part of our ASI platform.

    Secure Threat Intelligence Portal

    Identified threats are behind a dedicated secure customer portal for ticket management and support via access to Zeno Labs Cyber Security Consultants

    Intelligent Security

    Employee Protection

    Employees provide malicious threat actors attack surface intelligence which is largely unforeseen. Our ASI platform identifies these risks first.

    Update Management

    Even clients that's run vulnerability scans and others that try their best to stay on top, we monitor and frequently find critical issues due to outdated software.

    Underworld Intelligence

    Our ASI intel streams includes underworld intelligence to understand what threat actors are doing and learn new unforeseen tactics to identify viable risks.

    Breach Detection

    Attackers usually gain a foothold and achieve persistence. Objectives vary but tell-tale signs enable compromise identification. Our ASI platform looks after you.

    Attack Surface Management (ASM)

    All Kinds Of Security

    Zeno Labs ASI platform is advanced and reliable protection against viruses, ransomware, malware, worms,  hacking and ransom attacks. It covers anything and everything, all threats that can be observed with publicly available resources. 

    Combining Senior Expert Consultants & Realtime Automated Monitoring

    Machines cannot yet exceed the skill of our senior intelligence operatives and our operatives cannot exceed the vast amount of perpetual automated simultaneous intelligence checks from AI.

    This is why our ASI model combines the best of both using automation and skill. Our expert consultants work hard to keep you safe, sit back and let us do our thing!

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    Keeping Organisations Safe Around the World

    Using real-time data streams from over 100 million indexable intelligence items, we protect our customers from serious threats every day.