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Ongoing Security Management

Zeno Intelligence Labs is built by ethical hackers and intelligence operatives through experience, skill and most importantly passion for the right to privacy and safety. We know this space inside out, with over 50 years of combined experience we are able to to observe everything that would otherwise be unforeseeable but useful to threat actors during the attack process. 

We are there for you, available 24/7. Our modus operandi is to earn trust and ensure that our customers remain secure and satisfied.

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What 'it' does and what 'we' do...

Threat Hunting Everywhere

Zeno Intelligence Labs runs in house intelligence software along with API input streams to thousands of powerful intelligence partners to glean realtime intelligence that correlates a direct threat to our customers and notifies us to evaluate immediately. 

On top of this, our real powerhouse is that of our expert consultants which combine very specialist and unique skill sets who are manually looking out for you on an ongoing basis. 

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Meet The Core:
Zeno Intelligence Labs POWERHOUSE

The powerhouse of who we are, how we made this possible. Experts in offensive security and intelligence!  
All of our experts follow the discipline of high-level 
Operational Security (OpSec).

Harel Friedlander

Pro Ethical Hacker
Intelligence Operative
Opsec expert

Key Partners

Kevin Thompson - CEO

Sextant group ltd
Special Operations partner
Logistics | Security | Defence

Aaron Barnes

Senior Intelligence Operative
Security +, SANS SEC487 OSINT
Tracelabs Volunteer
(5+ years experience)

Dr. Malvika Mehta

Senior Intelligence Operative
Former Interpol operative
Interpol intelligence Certified
UK Defence Academy (MOD) Certified
(5+ years experience)

Tim G

Senior Intelligence Operative
Counterintelligence Specialist
Offensive Security (OSCP)
Red Team (CRTP)
(20+ years experience)

Gary Elliott

Head of Cyber Intelligence
10+ Years Ethical Hacking
(10+ years IT Administration)
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Security Consultants
Glorious Years of combined experience
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- Defence Through Awareness -

Zeno Intelligence scores are easy to understand and react to accordingly. 

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